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Mite-Y-Fresh - allergy, asthma, mites protection

Mite-Y-Fresh - allergy, asthma, mites protection

Mite-Y-Fresh can help if you are irritated by asthma, eczema, allergic reactions? Breathe easy! While avoiding allergens altogether is a significant challenge, sufferers of allergies, eczema and asthma should at least make every effort to create a home, work and lifestyle environment they can live in comfortably. How do you make sure that your home and daily life is safe from allergens?

Mite-Y-Fresh can assist you with all of your in-home environmental needs whether you are creating a new home or simply improving on what you already have. By room, by topic, you can explore the issues and Mite-Y-Fresh provide a range of practical and easy-to-implement solutions and expert hints. An award winning team since 1996, dedicated to bringing asthma and allergy sufferers innovative long term protective measures against some of the most commonly suffered inhaled allergens.

Get rid of moisture, damp and musty smells. Safe, healthy, 100% natural, environmentally friendly Zeolite eliminates odours instead of covering them up. Reduces bacteria related to moisture and mildew and significantly improves indoor air quality. Controls smoke, ammonia, methane, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, many odours. Controls fumes from a recent paint job or new carpets and cupboards.

Discourage and protect your home and family from unwelcome pests, moths, silverfish, and weevils. Safe, natural, non toxic for your lungs and skin, environmentally friendly. 100% essential oils keep unwelcome pests at bay from your wardrobe, drawers, clothing, linen, paper, books. Healthy, natural alternative to mothballs and other similar chemical products. Your family and pets will just love you for this! Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pets. Lasts up to one whole year.

Non Toxic, Efficient, Convenient. Environmentally friendly no chemicals or odours. Electronic tick deterrent emitting completely safe ultrasonic pulses.

dust miteWaterproof protective bedding, soft, comfortable 100% cotton towelling surface. Wet Guard is specifically developed to give hygienic and natural protection to you and your mattress the whole year round. Sanitized™ inhibits growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew which does not mask odours but prevents the actual causes of the odour. Ideal for incontinence and bed wetting.

Specifically developed bedding system that totally encases mattresses, quilts and pillows, protecting your whole family from the dust mites and the allergies they trigger.

Made from 100% cotton fabric, AllerProtect has no chemicals or dyes, is soft, air permeable, with an average pore size 6.1 microns, a barrier against dust mite allergens. Machine washable, light weight, breathable. Reduce your exposure to house dust mites and their allergens with allergy protective bedding covers. Create a barrier betweeen you and the dust mite allergens by enclosing the entire mattress, the entire pillow and the entire quilt. Reduce mould, mildew, dampness, condensation, odours.

Relieve hayfever, sinus headache, influenza, sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, allergic rhinitis, asthma symptoms any time of year! Around the clock protection. Safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, energy saving. Maintain an allergen free and healthy home and you will notice the difference.

Is your home making you sick? - click here  

Website: Mite-Y-Fresh - allergy, asthma, mites protection

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