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Rentacoder - web design and software development

Rentacoder - web design and software development

RentACoder is an international marketplace where buyers can acquire custom software (as well as writing, graphic design, and other services) in a safe and business-friendly environment.

Buyers no longer are limited to whatever few local choices they happen to be aware of. Instead, they can cherry pick from a pool of over 205,458 coders, and find the best coder across the block, the country or the globe. Those who wish to take advantage of lower costs of living in other countries, can save 50-80% by hiring internationally.

Coders are given access to a daily pool of new work from more than 92,900 buyers, and can work independently from home rather than for a company. Any coder in the world with an internet connection and the desire and ability to work, can now do so.

Outsource your programming for less.

Website: Rentacoder - web design and software development

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